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What to Expect in Your Divorce - How Can You Prepare?

Cameron Law/Utah Collaborative Divorce now provides a comprehensive 2-hour Single Session Divorce Consultation for individuals or couples contemplating divorce, separation, or child custody issues.

A Divorce Consultation Session includes discussion and education on the following topics:

· Child Custody, Parent Time, and Child Support

· Financial posture and potential resolutions

· Alimony and Child Support education and preview

· Division of assets, including real property, automobiles and vehicles, furnishings, and other personal property

· Divorce Options including traditional litigation (Court), mediation, and Collaborative Law

· Help with the Online Court Assistance Forms

· Divorce Forms and Worksheets

· Referrals for Divorce Professionals including attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, and child specialists.

Consultation Sessions are 2 hours for $500.

Document drafting for stipulated divorces $295/hr. (average time to draft documents when terms of agreement provided is 4 hours)

Follow up Consultation Sessions available.

Anne A. Cameron

September 2, 2019

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